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Balázs Berke (Slovene: Balaž Berke) was an Slovene poet, writer and Lutheran priest in Hungary, in the Slovene March (today Prekmurje and Vendvidék).

Born was in Kančevci in 1754. Learn in Wittenberg in Saxony, in 1782 return in Hungary. Worked in Puconci, Surd and Nemespátró, in 1803 in Hodoš. Dead in Nemespátró, about 1821.

Wrote an Latin book Ode Saphica honori ac venerationi Adami Farkas solemnia suis nominis celebrantis (commemoration about the poet Ádám Farkas) and an hymnal in prekmurian language Szlovenszke Dühovne peszmi (Slovene spiritual hymns, 1768–1769).


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