Bal Bullier

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Bal Bullier

Bal Bullier was a ballroom which in Paris, France, Created by François Bullier in the mid-nineteenth century, it closed its doors in 1940. It was located at 39 Avenue Georges Bernanos in the district of Val-de-Grace in the 5th arrondissement, at the location of Bullier Centre CROUS. The entrance fee was two francs on Thursday nights, and one franc on Saturday nights.[1] Sonia Delaunay's Bal Bullier (1912–13) is a painting known for both its use of color and movement. The original Bullier Hall was located on the Avenue de l'Observatoire and was popular for dancing and drinking. Described by Malcolm Cowley as "very Western Hall", in the 1930s, it was favored for political meetings.[2]


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Coordinates: 48°50′25″N 2°20′15″E / 48.8403°N 2.3376°E / 48.8403; 2.3376