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BalaBit IT Security Ltd.
Industry Computer networking
Founded Budapest, Hungary (2000)
Area served Worldwide
Key people Balazs Scheidler (CEO)
Employees 138 (September 2011)

BalaBit IT Security, founded in 1996, is a software company specializing in the development of IT security systems and related services.


BalaBit IT Security was founded in 1996 by six Hungarian individuals to develop an advanced, application layer firewall suite called Zorp. After its first success in Hungary, BalaBit started exhibiting at various trade shows in 2003. The headquarters of BalaBit is located in Budapest, Hungary, but has a subsidiary office in Munich[1] (Germany), as well as several partners and resellers in 5 continents.[2]


BalaBit Shell Control Box[edit]

Shell Control Box (SCB) is an administration protocol inspection tool (appliance), which can be used as to control and audit remote system access. It can record and replay the activities of the administrators who manage servers remotely via the SSH, RDP, Telnet, ICA or Vnc protocols.

syslog-ng OSE/PE[edit]

syslog-ng is one of the most popular syslog servers for various UNIXes. BalaBit provides two different editions of syslog-ng: the free OSE edition under the GPL license and the commercial Premium Edition (PE) under a proprietary license. Commercial support is available for both editions.

BalaBit syslog-ng Store Box[edit]

Syslog-ng store box (SSB) is a logserver appliance based on syslog-ng with features of log collection, relaying, log routing, log tagging and classification or performing Artificial Ignorance.

Zorp GPL/Professional[edit]

Zorp indicates a new stage in firewall development which contrasts with traditional technology: full application level filtering, modularity, flexibility, reliability and high performance. Zorp offers solutions for administrators for problems they have to face daily when implementing perimeter defense. Zorp has a free version available under GPL, as well as a commercial version.


BalaBit got DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified in 2005.


In 2009 BalaBit received the Deloitte Fast 500 EMEA,[3] and Technology Fast 50 Central Europe awards.