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Balconville is a play by Canadian playwright David Fennario.[1] It is a two act drama that is considered to be Fennario's best play.

The play was first performed at the Centaur Theatre in 1979 under the direction of Guy Sprung. It opened to highly favourable reviews and subsequently toured the country and made its way to Europe, where the reviews were not nearly as enthusiastic. The play has been a "work in progress" and was greeted with high praise during a 1992 production at the Centaur. It won the Floyd S. Chalmers Canadian Play Award in 1980.

The story takes place in Pointe-Saint-Charles, a neighbourhood of Montreal that was one of Canada's first industrial slums. It takes place during a hot summer in which the Montreal Expos were playing well. The play covers the socio-economic rumblings of this ethnic melting pot including the ongoing French/English question as it was perceived at that time.