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Founded June 2006
Founder(s) Stephen O'Regan, Tom Millett, Pauline Freeman
Key people Stephen O'Regan (President and CEO)
Industry Dot-com company
Available in English, French, German, Polish
Current status Active

BalconyTV is a leading daily online viral music show that features bands, musicians and other variety acts on balconies around the world. It was founded in Dublin, in June 2006.

Everyone can watch videos on BalconyTV, which are archived on a number of major online video distributors.

BalconyTV became Ireland's first official YouTube partner. Finding quick success, BalconyTV won the Best Music Website at the Irish Digital Media Awards 2007,[1] and earned a nomination for the Best Viral Video Content at the Webby Awards in 2008.[2][3]

BalconyTV operates from locations in Dublin, Tralee, London, Hamburg, Lisboa, Porto, Tokyo, Budapest, Buenos Aires, LA, Nashville, Auckland, Poznan, New York, Tel Aviv, Kaunas, Brighton, Austin, Toronto, Paris, Prague and Delhi, with more locations on the way.

BalconyTV has featured and supported hundreds of up-and-coming performers, along with many established and recognized acts such as The Script,[4][5] Destrossat,[6] Mumford & Sons,[7] Bugo,[8] The Temper Trap,[9] Nouvelle Vague,[10] Blue Rodeo,[11] The Border Surrender,[12] Brian Kennedy,[13] Nizlopi,[14] Aslan,[15] Buzzcocks,[16] Biffy Clyro,[17] Freddy Mullins,[18] Brasstronaut, Little Green Cars[19] and The Coronas. There are over 6500 videos archived, 30 million video views, with an average of over 4000 views per video.

BalconyTV was founded by filmmaker Stephen O'Regan, and musicians Tom Millett and Pauline Freeman.[20] O'Reagan and Millett were flatmates on Dame Street, and began hosting the show from their balcony there.[21]


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