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Balderton Capital
Limited liability partnership
Industry Venture capital
Founded 2000
Headquarters 28 Britannia Street, London, WC1X 9JF United Kingdom
Key people
Bernard Liautaud, Mark Evans, Tim Bunting, Daniel Waterhouse, Suranga Chandratillake
Total assets $2.2 billion
Number of employees

Balderton Capital is a London, UK-based venture capital firm that invests early-stage, primarily in Europe-based technology and Internet startup companies.

Originally founded in 2000 as Benchmark Capital Europe, Balderton Capital became fully independent in 2007.

Balderton Capital has made over 100 early-stage investments since 2000, including Betfair, MySQL, Yoox, Bebo (sold for $850M to AOL), NaturalMotion, Kobalt Music Group, Lovefilm, Globoforce, HouseTrip and Carwow.

General partners[edit]

The firm's general partners include Bernard Liautaud, Mark Evans, Daniel Waterhouse,Tim Bunting, Suranga Chandratillake and Barry Maloney.[1][2][3]


Balderton has invested in more than 100 startups[4] since its inception in 2000. Notable investments have included:


Since 2008, Balderton has had many prominent exits, including Betfair ($2B IPO),[12] Bebo ($850M sale to AOL),[13] NaturalMotion ($527M sale to Zynga), Scansafe (sale to Cisco), Lovefilm (sale to, Yoox ($700M IPO), Icera ($367M sale to Nvidia), MySQL ($1B sale to Sun Microsystems), Big Fish Games (sold to Churchill Downs for $885M [14]), Sunrise (sold to Microsoft) [15]


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