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Balderton Capital
Type Limited liability partnership
Industry Venture capital
Founded 2000
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Key people Bernard Liautaud, Mark Evans, Tim Bunting, Daniel Waterhouse, Suranga Chandratillake
Total assets $2.2 billion
Employees 25

Balderton Capital is a London, UK-based venture capital firm that invests early-stage, primarily in Europe-based technology and internet startups.

Originally founded in 2000 as Benchmark Capital Europe, Balderton Capital became fully independent in 2007.

Balderton Capital has made over 100 early-stage investments since 2000, including Betfair, MySQL, Yoox, Bebo (sold for $850M to AOL), NaturalMotion, Kobalt Music, Lovefilm, Globoforce, and Housetrip.

General partners[edit]

The firm's general partners include Bernard Liautaud, Mark Evans, Daniel Waterhouse,Tim Bunting, Suranga Chandratillake and Barry Maloney.[1][2][3]


Balderton has invested in more than 100 startups[4] since its inception in 2000. Notable investments have included:


Since 2008, Balderton has had 8 prominent exits, including Betfair ($2B IPO),[10] Bebo ($850M sale to AOL),[11] NaturalMotion ($527M sale to Zynga), Scansafe (sale to Cisco), Lovefilm (sale to, Yoox ($700M IPO), Icera ($367M sale to Nvidia) and MySQL ($1B sale to Sun Microsystems).


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