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Coordinates: 30°53′29.03″N 87°47′7.74″W / 30.8913972°N 87.7854833°W / 30.8913972; -87.7854833

Baldwin County Board of Education
BCPS colorround.png
Building Excellence
Type and location
Type Public
Grades K-12
Country United States
Location Bay Minette, Alabama
District information
Superintendent Dr. Alan T. Lee
Accreditation Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
Budget $201,000,000 (2007)
Students and staff
Students 26,800
Teachers 1,913
Staff 3,900
Other information
Student Teacher Ratio 13:1

The Baldwin County Board of Education oversees all public schools in Baldwin County, Alabama, and is based in Bay Minette, Alabama. The Board serves most of the county including both suburban and rural areas. It is the only public school systems in the county. Almost 30,000 students are within the supervision of the Board. 3,200 employees including 2,100 classroom teachers, serve the students at 45 campuses. The Board spends $8,900 per student in 2012. Baldwin County ranks 92nd out of 132 school systems in local tax revenue garnered for schools yet it ranks among the very top in academic performance in Alabama and among the top in the nation. In 2012 the average student/teacher ratio across all schools in the system was 24:1

Board composition[edit]

The board is composed of seven members elected within districts throughout the county. The Superintendent of Education is appointed by the board and is not a member of it.[1]

Board members[edit]

  • David Cox, District 1
  • David Tarwater, District 2
  • Elmer McDaniel, District 3
  • Norman Moore, District 4, Board President
  • Angie Swiger, District 5,
  • Robert Callahan, Jr. District 6, Board Vice President
  • Shannon Cauley, District 7,


The Baldwin County Superintendent of Education is Dr. Alan T. Lee who previously served as superintendent of Washington County Schools in Abingdon, Virginia, which had an enrollment of about 7,500 students.


The 2013-2014 budget is $305 million.[2]Economic difficulties confronted the Board beginning in 2008 when local and state tax revenue tanked and were exacerbated by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Citizens voted twice to approve an emergency one percent sales tax that has kept the system running. Among the innovations is the Digital Renaissance, an initiative that has put Mac Book laptops in the hands of more than 10,000 high school students and 700 high school teachers. Despite tight budgets the school voted to include $2.8 million in the 2014 budget to expand the program to grades 4 - 6.[2]

Baldwin County is one of the fastest growing school systems in Alabama but is ranked 131 out of 132 systems in state funding per student. The system has averaged a growth rate of 2% per year and could soon become the second largest system in the state. Compared to 2012 one elementary school experienced a 10% increase in students.[3]

School policies[edit]

The Baldwin County Board of Education requires all students in the system to wear similar school uniforms.[4] In May 2011 the Board decided to abolish corporal punishment[5] and this change took effect from school year 2011-2012.[4]


Secondary schools[edit]

High schools[edit]

Middle schools[edit]

  • Bay Minette Middle School (Bay Minette)
  • Central Baldwin Middle School (Robertsdale)
  • Daphne Middle School (Daphne)
  • Elberta Middle School (Elberta)
  • Fairhope Middle School (Fairhope)
  • Foley Middle School (Foley)
  • Gulf Shores Middle School (Gulf Shores)
  • Spanish Fort Middle School (Spanish Fort)

Elementary schools[edit]

  • Bay Minette Elementary School (Bay Minette) (K-3rd)
  • Bay Minette Intermediate School (Bay Minette)(4th-5th)
  • Daphne Elementary School East Campus (Daphne)(K-6th)
  • Daphne Elementary School North Campus (Daphne) (K-3rd)
  • Daphne Elementary School South Campus (Daphne) (4th - 6th)
  • Gulf Shores Elementary School (Gulf Shores) (K-5)
  • Delta Elementary School (Whitehouse Fork)(K-6th)
  • Elberta Elementary School (Elberta) (K-3rd)
  • Elsanor Elementary School (Elsanor)(K-6th)
  • Fairhope Elementary School (Fairhope) (2nd-3rd)
  • Fairhope Intermediate School (Fairhope)(4th-5th)
  • Fairhope K-1 Center (Fairhope) (K-1st)
  • Foley Intermediate School (Foley)(4th-5th)
  • J.L. Newton Elementary School (near Fairhope)(K-8th)
  • Loxley Elementary School (Loxley)(K-6th)
  • Magnolia School (Magnolia Springs)(K-6th)
  • Orange Beach Elementary School (Orange Beach)(K-6)
  • Perdido Elementary School (near Perdido)) (K-8th)
  • Pine Grove Elementary School (Pine Grove) (K-6th)
  • Robertsdale Elementary School (Robertsdale)(K-6th)
  • Rockwell Elementary School [Spanish Fort](K-5)
  • Rosinton Elementary School (Robertsdale)(K-6th)
  • Silverhill Elementary School (unincorporated Baldwin, near Silverhill)(K-6)
  • Spanish Fort Elementary/Middle School (Spanish Fort)(K-6th)
  • Stapleton School (Stapleton)(K-6th)
  • Summerdale Elementary School (Summerdale)(K-8th)
  • Swift Consolidated Elementary School (unincorporated Baldwin (Bon Secour))(K-5)


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