Baldwin IV, Count of Hainaut

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Baldwin IV, Count of Hainaut
Spouse(s) Alice of Namur
Noble family House of Flanders
Father Baldwin III, Count of Hainaut
Mother Yolande de Wassenberg
Born 1108
Died 8 November 1171(1171-11-08)

Baldwin IV (1108 – 8 November 1171) was count of Hainaut from 1120 to his death. He was the son of Baldwin III, Count of Hainaut, and Yolande de Wassenberg.


Also known as Baldwin the Builder, he purchased the property of Ath in 1158 and built the Burbant tower. He ceded the locality of Braine-la-Willotte also known as Braine-le-Comte to the chapter of Sainte-Waudru in 1158. In 1159, he incorporated the seigniory of Chimay and in 1160, the châtellenies of Valencians and of Ostrevent.


Baldwin married Alice of Namur, heiress of Namur, and had the following issue:


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Baldwin IV, Count of Hainaut
Born: 1108 Died: 8 November 1171
Preceded by
Baldwin III
Count of Hainaut Blason fr Hainaut ancien.svg
Succeeded by
Baldwin V