Baldwin Nkumbula

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Baldwin Nkumbula (died 27 August 1995) was a Zambian politician and a son of veteran politician Harry Nkumbula. He served in Frederick Chiluba's cabinet as Minister of Sports from 1991 until August 1992 when he resigned, sighting rampant corruption. He was a co-founder of the National Party and became its president. He was also a wealthy entrepreneur and was considered a strong contender for president of Zambia.

He was married to Chifunilo Chembe and had three children; Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula, Mundusu Nkumbula and Mwanida Nkumbula.

He died in a car accident in August 1995 when the Mercedes he was driving overturned en route to Ndola from Kitwe. President Chiluba's son, Castro, was a passenger in the vehicle and survived the crash with injuries.

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