Baldwin V, Count of Hainaut

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Baldwin V, Count of Hainaut
Baldwin V, Count of Hainaut.jpg
Baldwin V, Count of Hainaut
Spouse(s) Margaret I of Flanders
Noble family House of Flanders
Father Baldwin IV, Count of Hainaut
Mother Alice of Namur
Born 1150
Died 17 December 1195(1195-12-17) (age 45)

Baldwin V of Hainaut (1150 – 17 December 1195) was count of Hainaut (1171–1195), margrave of Namur as Baldwin I (1189–1195) and count of Flanders as Baldwin VIII (1191–1195).


He was the son of Baldwin IV, Count of Hainaut. Flanders was acquired via his marriage to Margaret I of Flanders in 1169. Namur was acquired from his mother Alice of Namur. He was described as "The Count Baldwin with eyes of blue." [1]


With Margaret, Baldwin had the following issue:

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Preceded by
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With: Margaret I
Succeeded by
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Preceded by
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  1. ^ From the Chronique rimee of Philippe Mouskes