Baldwin of Ibelin, Seneschal of Cyprus

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Baldwin of Ibelin[1] (died 21 February 1267) was the fourth of five sons of John I of Beirut and his second wife Melisende of Arsuf.

He commanded the third battaile at the Battle of Agridi in 1232. In 1246, he was appointed Seneschal of Cyprus and was taken captive at the Battle of Mansurah in 1250.

Baldwin married Alix, daughter of Walter III of Bethsan and Theodora Comnena Lathoumena. She was called la Seneschalece and she gave him six children:


  1. ^ In contemporary records messier Bauduyn ceneschal de Chipre, Bauduin de Ybelin seneschal de Chipre, or Baduin de Iblim senescalco de Cypro.


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