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Balhara is a gotra of Jats found in Haryana, Delhi, Punjab and Rajasthan in India.[citation needed] The Balhara gotra exists among both Sikhs and Hindus.[citation needed]


In Sanskrit, "Bal" means "strength" and "hara" means "the possessor", thus, "Balhara" means "the possessor of strength".; another theory is that "Balh" refers to the city of Balkh (Balhara's capital) and that "ar" means "man of", so Bal-hara could mean "man of Balh/Balkh". According to mythology, these people descended from Sardar Ranjit Singh of Punjab, who possessed a lot of strength.[1][page needed]


Balhara Jats were the rulers in Sindh from 8th to 10th century. This was the early period of Balhara Jat rulers in Sindh. Balharas ruled the area, which can be remembered as Bal Division. The area from Khambhat to Simari was under their rule and Manafir was their capital. Manafir was probably Mandore or Mandwagarh. It is likely that after Nagas it was ruled by Balharas. The rule transferred from Balharas to Mauryas to Pawars to Chauhans to Parihars to Rathores.[2]


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