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Village and Mandal
Statue of Lord Balaji in Sri Venkateswar Swamy temple, Balijipeta
Statue of Lord Balaji in Sri Venkateswar Swamy temple, Balijipeta
Nickname(s): baljipeta
Balijipeta is located in Andhra Pradesh
Location in Andhra Pradesh, India
Coordinates: 18°36′47″N 83°31′46″E / 18.613061°N 83.529475°E / 18.613061; 83.529475Coordinates: 18°36′47″N 83°31′46″E / 18.613061°N 83.529475°E / 18.613061; 83.529475
Country  India
State Andhra Pradesh
District Vizianagaram
 • Sarpanch Bandaru Ragalatha
Elevation 76 m (249 ft)
 • Official Telugu
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 535 557
Vehicle registration AP35

Baliji-peta or Baligi-peta (Telugu: బలిజిపేట) is a Village and Mandal headquarters, near Bobbili, in the Vizianagaram district of Andhra Pradesh, India.

According to some historians, most of the people of Original Balija caste have migrated from this village.[1]


Balijipeta is located at 18°22′N 83°19′E / 18.37°N 83.31°E / 18.37; 83.31.[2] It has an average elevation of 76 metres (249 ft).It is 240 ft above sea level at the distance of 103 km from Visakhapatnam


Balijipeta mandal has a population of 62,787 in 2001. Males consists of 31,216 and females 31,571 of the population. The average literacy rate is 48% below the national average of 59.5%. Male literacy rate is 59% and that of females 33%.

Gram Panchayat[edit]

Balijipeta is an exclusive Gram panchayat with no other villages in its jurisdiction. Before its formation, the village used to be under Palagara Gram panchayat. The first Sarpanch was Maddamasetty Shivaramaiah. The present Sarpanch is Bandaru Ragalatha. The Panchayat office is located on the banks of Reservoir.


  • Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple was constructed by Barigeda Venkata China Narasaiah in Balijipeta in 1869. People of this village have strong faith in the Lord Venkateshwara. The temple associated water tank once upon a time used to be fresh. Its name is tirupathi koneru. Now every one occupied its banks, the lake is ruined completely. Many families belongs to this village carries 'venkata' in the names of their family members. The village goddess is Poleramma. The china poleramma temple is outside the village.
  • There is a Zilla Parishad High School in Balijipeta.[4]
  • There are about 20 reservoirs in Balijipeta Mandalam, nine of them are in the Panchayat limits. They are: Tirupathi koneru Peddaveedhi Cheruvu, Chinnaveedhi Cheruvu, Neredu Banda, Ajjada Banda, Thirupataiah Kneru, Kotha Cheruvu, Gouri Banda, Udiki Banda and Mallamma Cheruvu.
  • Every Friday major business gathering will be held. It is known as SANTHA. It is one of the biggest in Vizaianagaram district. Apart from Santha, this place used to be main hub for coloring the cotton, Tamarind and jute. at present Only JUTE business is happening.
  • The people in Balijipeta are doing jute business since 100 years worth of lakhs and Jute business is the major one. Most of the people have godowns for storing purpose.
  • This is a Mandal with pincode 535557.
  • There is a Government Junior college at Balijipeta established in 1998.
  • There are 5 private schools, two junior colleges, one degree college and B. Ed. college at Balijipeta. Seventhday Adevntist High School is the first private school started in Balijipeta.
  • "Jagannadha Radha Yatra" which will be celebrated in July every year is a famous 10 days puja. Most of the people from the neighbouring villages gather at one place and participate in the puja.
  • The Goddess "China Polamma" is known as "Gramadevata" for the village and has a temple which all the people will visit occasionally. The villagers are supposed to conduct poleramma jatara in regular intervals of time. But to lack of will and politics they do not conduct.
  • Vengapuram is a "Agaraharam" (Majority of the people in this village are from Brahmin community)

Assembly constituency[edit]

Balijipeta was a Legislative Assembly Constituency of Andhra Pradesh in 1955 and 1962. It was later merged with Vunukuru Constituency. Later has been considered in Parvathipuram Constituency.

  • List of Elected Members:
  • 1955 - Peddinti Ramaswamy Naidu.[5]
  • 1962 - Vasireddy Krishna Murthy Naidu.[6]

List of Revenue Villages and Panchayats[edit]

According to the District Statistics, there are 34 Revenue Villages and 24 Village Panchayats[7] in this mandal.

  • 1. Ajjada (Village and Panchayat)
  • 2. Ampavilli (Village and Panchayat)
  • 3. Arasada (Village and Panchayat)
  • 4. Badevalasa (Revenue Village)
  • 5. Balijipeta (Panchayat and Mandal Headquarters)
  • 6. Barli (Village and Panchayat)
  • 7. Bairipuram (Revenue Village)
  • 8. Chakarapalli (Revenue Village)
  • 9. Chellampeta (Revenue Village)
  • 10.Chilakalapalli (Village and Panchayat)
  • 11.Galavilli (Village and Panchayat)
  • 12.Gangada (Village and Panchayat)
  • 13.Gowripuram (Revenue Village)
  • 14.Janardhanapuram (Revenue Village)
  • 15.Kondapuram (Revenue Village)
  • 16.Kurmanadhpuram (Revenue Village)
  • 17.Mirthivalasa (Panchayat)
  • 18.Muragadam (Revenue Village)
  • 19.Naramnaiduvalasa (Village and Panchayat)
  • 20.Narampeta (Revenue Village)
  • 21.Narayanapuram (Village and Panchayat)
  • 22.Nookalavada (Village and Panchayat)
  • 23.Padamayavalasa (Village and Panchayat)
  • 24.Palagara (Revenue Village)
  • 25.Panukuvalasa (Village and Panchayat)
  • 26.Pargasaipuram (Revenue Village)
  • 27.Pedapenki (Village and Panchayat)
  • 28.Peddimpeta (Village and Panchayat)
  • 29.Sivarampuram (Village and Panchayat)
  • 30.Srirangarajapuram (Revenue Village)
  • 31.Subhadra (Village and Panchayat)
  • 32.Thumarada (Village and Panchayat)
  • 33.Vantharam (Village and Panchayat)
  • 34.Vengalarayapuram (Village and Panchayat)
  • 35.Vengapuram (Village and Panchayat)


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