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Studio album by Marty Balin
Released May 11, 1981
Recorded 1981 at The Village Recorders, Los Angeles, California, The Record Plant, Sausalito, California, and White Rabbit Studios, Sausalito, California
Genre Rock
Label EMI America Records
Producer John Hug
Marty Balin chronology

Balin is Marty Balin's 1981 album. Two top-40 singles were released, "Hearts" (a U.S. #8 hit, and also his biggest as a solo artist) and "Atlanta Lady" (U.S. #27). The album rose to #35 on the Billboard charts.

Track listing[edit]

Side One[edit]

  1. "Hearts" (Jesse Barish) – 4:32
  2. "You Left Your Mark On Me" (Terry Turrell, Eric J. Burgeson) – 4:40
  3. "Lydia!" (R. Knowles, Marty Balin) – 3:36
  4. "Atlanta Lady" (Jesse Barish) – 3:46

Side Two[edit]

  1. "Spotlight" (Terry Turrell, Eric J. Burgeson) – 3:30
  2. "I Do Believe In You" (Richard Page, John Lang, Steve George, Jerry Manfredi) – 3:23
  3. "Elvis and Marilyn" (Leon Russell, Kim Fowley, Dyan Diamond) – 3:05
  4. "Tell Me More" (O. Bokich, J. Whitney) – 3:48
  5. "Music Is the Light" (Jesse Barish) – 4:17

CD Releases[edit]

"Balin" was released by American Beat on CD in 2008 and by EMI in 2009. Both editions featured the shorter, single version of "Hearts" rather than the longer album version.

In March 2013 BGO reissued the album along with the follow up release "Lucky" on one CD. Mastered by Andrew Thompson the BGO edition is the only CD version that features the full length album version of "Hearts".


  • "Hearts" (1981) #8 US
  • "Atlanta Lady" (1981) #27 US


Additional Personnel[edit]


  • A Great Pyramid Ltd. Production
  • John Hug – producer, string arrangement and conductor
  • Tom Flye – engineer
  • Clif Jones – assistant engineer
  • Ann Fry – assistant engineer
  • David E. Landau – production coordinator
  • Joe Buchwald – chief executive, manager
  • Recorded at The Village Recorders, Los Angeles, and The Record Plant, Sausalito
  • Mixed at The Record Plant
  • "Elvis and Marilyn" recorded at White Rabbit Studios, Sausalito
  • Mastered at Sterling Sound, New York City
  • Greg Calbi – mastering engineer
  • Harry Bluestone – concertmaster
  • Frank De Caro – contractor
  • Bill Burks – art direction
  • Richard Avedon – Marty Balin photography
  • Tom Gibson – other photography