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Kedah Malay
Region Malaya
Ethnicity Kedahan Malay
Native speakers
2.6 million  (2004)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 meo
Glottolog keda1251[2]
Spread of Kedahan Malay: A. Kedah Valley, B. Satun (Setoi) C. Tanintharyi (Tanah Sari) D. Acheh

Kedah Malay or Kedahan (Also known as Pelat Utara or Loghat Utara 'Northern Dialect') is a variety of the Malayan languages mainly spoken in the northwestern northern Malaysian states of Perlis, Kedah, Penang, and northern Perak and in the southern Thai provinces of Trang and Satun, where it is called "Satun Malay" (มลายูถิ่นสตูล). Speakers in Trang are most heavily influenced by Thai language.[3]

Kedahan Malay can be divided into several dialects, namely Kedah Persisiran (standard), Baling or Kedah Hulu, Kedah Utara, Perlis-Langkawi, Penang and some others outside Malaysia. See Malayan languages for a comparison of Kedah Persisiran and Baling dialects.

The main characteristic of Kedahan Malay is the -a final vocal is pronounced as /ɑ/ such as /a/ in "dark", which is varied from standard Malay -a that pronounced as /a/. Other characteristics of the dialect are final consonant -r is pronounced as -q and final consonant -s is pronounced as -ih (e.g.:Lapar = Lapaq (Hungry), Lepas = Lepaih (release, after) ) while initial and middle r are guttural.

Some word examples of Kedahan Malay:

Kedahan Malay (Standard Subdialect) Standard Malay (Malaysia) English German (Deutsch)
Ayaq Air Water das Wasser
Hat/Hak (widely used in Malaysian Malay) Yang Which/That was/der/die/das/den/dem
Ang Kamu, Engkau You (singular) du/dich/dir
Habaq Khabar, Beritahu Say/Tell sagen
Cek Saya, Kamu I, You (singular) ich/mich/mir
Depa Mereka They, Them sie/ihnen
Angpa Kalian You (plural) ihr/euch
Sepa (only used in certain areas) Kami We/Us wir/uns
Pi Pergi Go gehen
Mai Datang, Mari Come kommen
Awat, Pasaipa Mengapa Why warum
La Sekarang Now jetzt
Sat Sebentar, Sekejap Moment (to wait) moment
Mengkala Bila/Apabila When wann/wenn
Ketegaq Degil, Keras Kepala Stubborn eingefleischt/verstockt
Jom (widely used in Malaysian Malay) Ayuh, Mari Let's go komm
Kot (widely used in Malaysian Malay) Mungkin, Barangkali Maybe/Probably vielleicht
Gerek Basikal (also used by Kedahan Malay that reside in urban area) Bicycle das Fahrrad
Mertun Tukul Hammer der Hammer
Tenggalung Baling Throw werfen/schmeißen
Ghabat Panjat Climb klettern/steigen
Ligan Kejar Chase nachjagen/wegjagen
Loq Laq Tak senonoh Indecent unmoralisch
Ketit Gigit kecil Nibble knabbern
Tokak Gigit Bite beißen
Berlemuih Comot Grubby schmuddelig
Beretuh Terlanggar Bump/Hit stoßen
Hawing Baling Throw (usually something big) werfen (etwas groß)
Kupang Puluh sen -ty cent(s) (example: ten cents, fifty cents etc.) -zig Cent (z.B. zehn Cent, fünfzig Cent usw.)
Jenuh Susah Burdensome (usually refers to an action) lästig
Toyu Kicap Soy sauce die Sojasoße
Celuih Muat Fits passen
Kutey Cubit Pinch/Tweak kneifen
Mangkaq (vulgar) Bodoh Stupid/Dimwit dumm/dämlich
Darai Pondan Transvestite der Transvestit
Taboh Pukul/Tampar Hit/Beat (someone) schlagen (jemand)
Tauk Buang Get rid loswerden
Tokua Tauhu Tofu das Tofu
Cengey Garang Aggressive/Fierce aggressiv
Keciwi Teruja/Menunjuk-nunjuk Show off/ Boast großtun

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