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Baljurashi or Biljurashi (Arabic: بلجرشي‎) is a city in Al Bahah Region, southwestern Saudi Arabia. It is located at around 19°51′34″N 41°33′26″E / 19.85944°N 41.55722°E / 19.85944; 41.55722 in the elevation of cca 2000 metres. It was the capital of the region which includes the tribes of Ghamid and Zahran. It is the on of the medium-sized city in Al Bahah Region. The temperature is usually varies between 2C in winter and 30C in summer. The best time for a visit is from mid-August till the end of September. Most of the native people of Baljurashi live outside it,however great number of them spent their summer vacations at the home city and that explain the massive increment in population number during summer.

The local people of Baljurshi had contribute to the progress in Saudi Arabia as much as many other tribes. Some of famous traders in Saudi Arabia are from Baljurashi. The people of Baljurashi are well educated due to the fact that Balkurashi was the enlightenment center in the Southern of Saudi Arabia and the center of the old trade route for hundreds of years. A large population from Baljurashi's locals had been known as academics in the universities and colleges throughout the kingdom. They are famous for their contribution to the industrial and commercial firms in Saudi Arabia, especially the National oil firm ARAMCO, where many Vise Presidents were from Baljurashi. Also, people of the area are known for their genuine manners and well spoken. Ghamid has been known since the time of Prophet Muhammad and many are narrators to his Hadeeth. It is considered to be a tribal city dominated by Ghamdi tribe, which is one of the large tribes in Saudi Arabia.

"A major summer resort located on Sarah Mountains and one of the most beautiful southern cities on the road linking Taif with Abha. Its nice forests like Raghadan makes you disbelieve that you are in Saudi Arabia. It is the land of one thousand and one watchtowers. Baljurashi is a sister town at the head of an ancient seasonal camel trail so steep that is named “camel steps“. The camel steps of Baljourashi are a set of man made steps that allowed camels to rise up this escarpment. They extend all of the way down to the bottom."[1]


Baljurashi Hospital is a Ministry of Health (MOH) owned and regulated public service hospital in al Baha region of KSA. It is a 200 beded multispeciality hospital with an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) HDU and well equipped ER.


The Arabian Leopard is classified as Critically Endangered in the IUCN Red List and listed in CITES Appendix 1. The Arabian leopards have been reported in Wadi Khatayn, south of Baljurashi, in 2002, and the species was confirmed by killings, several reports of sightings from different witnesses, livestock killed and the presences of tracks and signs. However, camera traps deployed there during 2002 and 2003 failed to obtain pictures of leopards.[2]


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