Balkan Gagauz Turkish

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Balkan Gagauz Turkish
Rumeli Türkçesi
Native to Turkey, Greece, Macedonia
Native speakers
330,000  (1993)[1]
  • Oghuz
    • Turkish group
      • Balkan Gagauz Turkish
Language codes
ISO 639-3 bgx
Glottolog balk1254[2]

Balkan Gagauz Turkish, also known as Balkan Turkic, is a Turkic language spoken in European Turkey, Thrace Greece, and in the Kumanovo, Strumica and Bitola areas (Pelogonia, Vardar, Southeastern) of the Republic of Macedonia and some villages of Bulgaria.[3] Dialects include Gajal, Gerlovo Turk, Karamanli, Kyzylbash, Surguch, Tozluk Turk, Yuruk, Macedonian Gypsies and Macedonian Gagauz. This is a different language from Gagauz[3] and Turkish.

The Latin script is used, like in modern Turkish. Balkan Gagauz Turkish is considered the Thrace dialect of Turkish in Turkey, used by the Muslim minority in Greece in Western Thrace region of Greece.


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