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Ballıca Cave (Turkish: Ballıca Mağarası), is a cave located inside the borders of Ballıca village located at 6 km. southeast of Pazar, Tokat Province, Turkey and is 600 metres southeast of the village.

Ballıca Cave is a fossil cave. Its overall length is 68 metres. The upper sections are composed of Permo Trias Marble and lime. There are two layers above the entrance and five layers below, making a total of seven layers.

Five layers were formed over three periods. One section stretches northeast and southwest, consisting of two layers. The second section, containing layers 3 and 4 wer formed during the second evolutionary period, and the 5th layer was formed in the 20th century. The Gallery, which leads to some open space with a pond, is the first section in the northeast-southwest direction. It consists of Stalactite and Stalagmite Hall on the first level, and Fossil Hall and Bat Hall on the second level. The Magnificent Gallery on the third floor is formed by the three adjoining halls: Mushroom, Column, and New Halls. Dwarf bat colonies live in different parts of the cave, and can be heard and smelled, but not often seen. The many colours in the cave are astonishing, and the filtered air is rich in oxygen.

About 45 – 50 metres from the entrance there is a wide saloon. The Yeni saloon contains the remains (plastered walls, plastered material depot etc.) of use at sometime in history. There are numerous stalactites, stalagmites, pillars and water ponds inside the saloon.


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