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Ball is a surname of English origin.

According to the Internet Surname Database, this surname has multiple potential origins, as do quite a few other short surnames:[1]

  • one origin relates to body type and arose as a nickname, originally from medieval English
  • likewise, another origin relates to baldness, again arising as a nickname
  • another purported origin is related to living near a "knoll or rounded hill"
  • the surname may also descend from the Old Norse "Balle"

A multiplicity of origins for this surname is also supported by genetic analysis.[2]

In the United Kingdom, according to a study based on data available from Experian, the surname has declined in use by 55% between 1881 and 2008, possibly though not certainly due to negative connotation elicited by the surname.[3]

List of people with the surname[edit]

Ball is a surname shared by several notable people:

born before 1800
born before 1900
born before 1950
born in or after 1950

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