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Coordinates: 33°56′58.33″N 35°40′28.69″E / 33.9495361°N 35.6746361°E / 33.9495361; 35.6746361

Ballouneh (Arabic:"بلونة") is a small town neighboring Ajaltoun and located in the Keserwan District of the Mount Lebanon Governorate. It has an approximate area of 3.93 km2 and an altitude of 650-800 m above sea level.


There are two versions regarding the origin of the word Ballouneh, either deriving from the Syriac word ballani/ballana meaning bath or pertaining to the Greek name of the god Apollo. That said, there is a third source that links the origin of the word back to the Italian Bella Luna, meaning "beautiful moon".

Famous sites[edit]

  • The old Roman well (near the municipality's building)
  • The house of Sheikh Abou Nader el Khazen
  • The church of St. Mary (dating back for over 500 years)

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