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Ballydugan or Ballydougan (from Irish Baile Uí Dhúgáin, meaning "Ó Dúgáin's townland") is a townland in County Armagh, Northern Ireland. It lies on the County Armagh–County Down border, between Lurgan and Gilford. Ballydougan is within the Craigavon Borough Council area.

"The Troubles"[edit]

The Mid-Ulster brigade of the Ulster Volunteer Force killed three Catholics there on 4 January 1976 (see Reavey and O'Dowd killings) as well as another three Catholics (three brothers) in Whitecross the same day, followed by the Kingsmill massacre where the South Armagh Republican Action Force shot 10 Protestant men dead the following day.

Bloomvale House[edit]

Bloomvale House has had craftspeople living and working in it since 1785 and is currently the home of Ballydougan pottery ([1]).


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Coordinates: 54°24′49″N 6°21′32″W / 54.41361°N 6.35889°W / 54.41361; -6.35889