Baltic 1 Offshore Wind Farm

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EnBW Baltic 1
Windmills Baltic 1 C.jpg
image of several of the wind turbines
Baltic 1 Offshore Wind Farm is located in Germany
Baltic 1 Offshore Wind Farm
Location of Baltic 1 off the coast of Germany
Country Germany
Location Baltic Sea
Coordinates 54°36′36″N 12°39′0″E / 54.61000°N 12.65000°E / 54.61000; 12.65000Coordinates: 54°36′36″N 12°39′0″E / 54.61000°N 12.65000°E / 54.61000; 12.65000
Status Operational
Construction began June 2010
Commission date 2 May 2011
Owner(s) EnBW
Wind farm
Type Offshore
Site area 7 km2 (3 sq mi)
Distance from shore 16 km (10 mi)
Power generation
Units operational 21
Make and model Siemens Wind Power: SWT-2.3-93
Nameplate capacity 48.3 MW

EnBW Baltic 1 is the first commercial offshore wind farm of Germany in the Baltic Sea. Siemens supplied 21 SWT 2.3-93 wind turbines for the 48.3 megawatt wind farm.[1] EnBW Baltic 1 is located about 16 kilometres (9.9 mi) north of the Darss-Zingst Peninsula and covers about seven square kilometers. Work started in July 2010;[2][3] the wind farm was officially commissioned on 2 May 2011.[4]

Cable supplier NKT Holding was 3 months late with the delivery, therefore the €195m cable order for EnBW Baltic 2 was granted to General Cable instead.[5] However, in August 2011, NKT got the Baltic 2 cable contract anyway, and is to deliver the Köln-produced 60 km 150 kV AC cable in 2013 at a price of EUR100 million. EnBW Baltic 2 will be 288 MW from 80 turbines.[6]

Energy-Substation of EnBW Baltic 1 Offshore windfarm in the Baltic Sea

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