Baltic Chain Tour

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Baltic Chain Tour
2014 Baltic Chain Tour
Race details
Date August
Region Northern Europe
English name Baltic Chain Tour
Discipline Road
Competition UCI Europe Tour
Type Stage race
First edition 1955 (1955)
Editions 24 (as of 2013)
First winner  Harijs Japiņš (LAT)
Most wins  Ants Väravas (EST)
Most recent  Philipp Walsleben (GER)
Baltic Chain Tour 2012 – top 3 overall.
Baltic Chain Tour 2012 in Vilnius, Lithuania

Baltic Chain Tour is a stage race for professional road bicycle racers organized as a part of the UCI Continental Circuits. Baltic Chain Tour was established to commemorate Baltic Way. Tour is conducted mainly in the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, however in 2013 it started in Lahti, Finland. Baltic Chain Tour is a UCI category 2.2 cycling tour.[1]

The joint Baltic cycling tour has a long history. The tradition began in the 1950s and was broken in 1991. On November 4, 2010 in Riga, the presidents of three national cycling unions signed a cooperation agreement to restore the tradition of the Baltic cycling tour.[2]


Although first international cycling race in the Baltic's was held in 1889 from Riga (Latvia) to Tallinn (Estonia),[3] first Baltic Tour was held in 1955. First four years the tour conducted in Latvia and Lithuania. Since 1959 the tour has been held in three Baltic countries. For many, it was a preparation for Peace Tour, which usually was held after Baltic Tour. At the times, the tour took place in May. Modern tour is raced in August to commemorate famous Baltic chain event. Most times winner til today is Estonian, Ants Väravas, who have succeeded three times – 1959, 1962 & 1964.[4]

Modern Tour 2011 – present[edit]

Rider Team
2011 Estonia Pütsep, ErkiErki Pütsep (EST) Alpha
2012 Lithuania Bagdonas, GediminasGediminas Bagdonas (LTU) Lithuania national team
2013 Germany Walsleben, PhilippPhilipp Walsleben (GER) BKCP-Powerplus

Stage Winners by Nationality[edit]

# of Victories Country
5  Lithuania
3  Latvia
2  Germany
2  Estonia
1  Sweden
1  Ukraine
1  Russia
1  Slovakia

Baltic Tour winners 1955–1987[edit]

Rider Team
1955 Latvia Japiņš, HarijsHarijs Japiņš (LAT) Latvia
1956 Lithuania Paršaitis, K.K. Paršaitis (LTU) Cycling Team Dinamo
1957 Lithuania Krulikauskas, B.B. Krulikauskas (LTU) Lithuania
1958 Lithuania Krulikauskas, B.B. Krulikauskas (LTU) Lithuania
1959 Estonia Väravas, AntsAnts Väravas (EST) Estonia
1960 Estonia Leegu, ReinRein Leegu (EST) Estonia
1961 Latvia Pavlovs, A.A. Pavlovs (LAT) ASK Rīga
1962 Estonia Väravas, AntsAnts Väravas (EST) Estonia
1963 Lithuania Grambauskas, J.J. Grambauskas (LTU) Lithuania
1964 Estonia Väravas, AntsAnts Väravas (EST) Estonia
1972 Lithuania Berankis, VV Berankis (LTU) Lithuania
1973 Latvia Paškauskas, V.V. Paškauskas (LAT) Lithuania
1974 Latvia Kalnienieks, Kalnienieks (LAT) Latvia
1975 Latvia Jekabsons, A.A. Jekabsons (LAT) Latvia
1976 Latvia Jekabsons, A.A. Jekabsons (LAT) Latvia
1978 Latvia Sarkanis, A.A. Sarkanis (LAT) Latvia
1979 Latvia Bergs, A.A. Bergs (LAT) Latvia
1980 Bulgaria Mironov, A.A. Mironov (BUL) Bulgaria
1981 Estonia Veeranna, JaanJaan Veeranna (EST) Estonia
1986 Latvia Feldmanis, J.J. Feldmanis (LAT) Latvia
1987 Estonia Murd, AivarAivar Murd (EST) Estonia


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