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Baltic Sea and surrounding countries

The terms Baltic region, Baltic Rim countries, and Baltic Rim refer to slightly different combinations of countries in the general area surrounding the Baltic Sea.


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The first to name it the Baltic Sea ("Mare Balticum") was eleventh century German chronicler Adam of Bremen.


Baltic Seven Islands

Depending on the context the Baltic region might stand for:

  • The group of countries presently referred to by the shorthand Baltic states: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.
  • Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Kaliningrad Oblast of Russia, landlocked from the remainder of Russia.
  • The former Baltic province of Imperial Russia: Today's Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania (without the formerly German area around Memel).
  • On historic Scandinavian and German maps, the Balticum sometimes includes only the historically or culturally German-dominated lands, or provinces, of Estonia, Livonia, Courland and Latgale (corresponding to modern Estonia and Latvia), as well as sometimes Pomerania and East Prussia, while the historically less-Germanized Lithuania is occasionally excluded.

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