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The city of Baltimore, Maryland has had a succession of several terminals for interstate bus travel

Greyhound Terminal[edit]

The main terminal for Greyhound is located at 2110 Haines Street just off Russell Street south of downtown Baltimore.[1]

This location was chosen following community opposition to construct a site for Greyhound near Penn Station. Then-mayor Martin O'Malley, who had originally wanted this site because of its central location to public transportation in the city, bowed to this pressure.[2]

Following the opening of the current location, local and state politicians, including O'Malley (now Maryland's governor), then-governor Robert Ehrlich, and Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele scrambled to provide better public transportation to the new site. As a result, the Maryland Transit Administration increased service on bus route 27, the closest bus line to the new location, and rerouted the line into the terminal. In 2005 and 2006, various proposals were made under the Greater Baltimore Bus Initiative to modify service in the region and change this to another line, but none of these plans ever materialized.

Baltimore Travel Plaza[edit]

The Baltimore Travel Plaza was a bus terminal located at 5625 O'Donnell Street off I-95 in southeast Baltimore. Several bus companies used this location, including Greyhound and Chinatown bus lines. On January 25, 2011, the Baltimore Travel Plaza ceased operations, with Greyhound and Peter Pan shifting service to their new terminal on Haines St.[3]

Former bus stations[edit]

The old bus terminal, formerly Baltimore's main Greyhound stop, was located at 210 West Fayette Street, with the buses entering from Merion Street. This had been the Trailways terminal until the merger of the companies.

The former Greyhound terminal prior to that was at 601 North Howard Street at West Center Street with the buses entering from Howard St. and exiting from Center St.