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Banana Bag & Bodice is a Brooklyn-based ensemble theatre company that creates original plays with a strong emphasis on text, music and design. They have performed at the Ontological-Hysteric Theater, PS 122, The Brick Theater, Abrons Arts Center, American Repertory Theater, Joe's Pub, and festivals in San Francisco, New York City, Montreal, Dublin, Edinburgh, and Adelaide.

Company history[edit]

Founded in 1999 in San Francisco by Co-Artistic Directors Jason Craig and Jessica Jelliffe, Banana Bag & Bodice have created ten original productions. The group is now based in Brooklyn NY, but maintains a strong relationship to the San Francisco Bay Area community.[1]

Their rock musical Beowulf - A Thousand Years of Baggage, commissioned by the Shotgun Players, won the 2008 Will Glickman Award[2] and a 2011 Edinburgh Festival Herald Angel, and continues to tour internationally.[3]


The Bastard Chronicles (1999)[edit]

A compendium of oddities

Number 2 (2000)[edit]

A drama about death and remembrance

GULAG HA HA (2002)[edit]

A study on prison deformation

Sandwich (2003)[edit]

A musical about killing animals

The Young War (2003)[edit]

A panel discussion on the death of love

Panel.Animal (2005)[edit]

A double feature of The Young War and Sandwich

The Sewers (2005)[edit]

An aborted living room drama play

The Fall & Rise of The Rising Fallen (2007)[edit]

A "making the band" pageant play

Beowulf- A Thousand Years Of Baggage (2008)[edit]

A Banana Bag & Bodice SongPlay

Space//Space (2009)[edit]

A claustrophobic container tale



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