Banana roll

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Banana roll
Chinese Banana Roll.jpg
Type Pastry
Place of origin China
Region or state Hong Kong
Main ingredients Glutinous rice
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Banana roll
Chinese 香蕉糕
Literal meaning banana cake
Alternative Chinese name
Chinese 香蕉卷
Literal meaning banana roll

Banana roll is a common Chinese pastry found in Hong Kong, and may occasionally be found in some overseas Chinatowns. The pastry is soft and made with glutinous rice.[1] Ingredients may vary depending on location. Each roll is a vanilla flavored circular tube, slightly bigger than an adult sized index finger, thus resembling banana. Sometimes it may have a cinnamon swirl filling. At other times it may have a filling that consists of a very ripe (but not rotten) banana diced finely. Occasionally the more traditional red bean paste may be used.

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