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Banasree and South Banasree is a large residential area of Dhaka under Rampura and Khilgaon Thana in Bangladesh which is developed by Eastern Housing Ltd. The name "Banasree" means "The beauty of Forest". It becomes one of the ideal place for living in Dhaka as it is built with proper plan of housing, civil works and other public facilities.

The area is originally built with the purpose of being solely residential in the eastern part of the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka closely beside the Bangladesh Television Center in Rampura. In the west of Banasree, Rampura is situated and in north Aftabnagar housing, in the south and east the South Banasree is situated. South Banasree is surrounded by the low lying Nandipara in east, less developed Goran in west, Aftabnagar housing in north and the densely populated Madartek is situated in south.

In South Banasree there are a total of twelve blocks (Blocks A-H and J-M) and in Banasree there are a total of nine blocks (Blocks A-H & J) and . The regular plot sizes are 3, 3.5 and 5 kathas. While the corner plots are measured at 3.25, 3.75, 4, 4.25, 4.5 and 4.75 kathas. The internal sub road of the area is 25 and 30 feet wide while the larger roads or avenues are 40, 50 and 60 feet wide.

South Banasree is located in the southern site of the project and it has all the civil facilities for its dwellers. There are three (3) mosques, one (1) grave-yard, two (2) shopping malls, telecommunication office, power sub-station and billing office, three (3) privatized bank's branches. Besides there are notable high schools i.e; Ideal school, South Banasree High school, Faizur Rahman Ideal High School, Viqarunnessa Girls school etc. Both of the Banasree facilitates quality shopping and boutiques houses, restaurants, fashion and design houses.

The newly developed Hatirjheel Lake Road Project connects the area with Gulshan and Dhanmondi making it one of the most expensive suburbs in Dhaka city to live in. The majority of the people who lives in Banasree are from the upper-middle-class background.

Some notable establishments are Bangladesh Television (BTV), Banasree Ideal School and Banasree Central Masjid and East West University.


Three buses connects Banasree with major areas of Dhaka city.

Torongo Plus starts at K block of banasree and finishes at dhanmondi. Another bus service company Alif Enterprise, which is also known as Bengal, starts from Meradia bazar and it stops at Rampura, Merul Badda, Gulshan, - Mohakhali and Mirpur 10.

Banasree and South Banasree Kolyan Shomiti[edit]

Both Banasree and South Banasreee is run by a governing body named by "Banasree Kolyan Shomiti" which is elected by vote of the local resident owners.


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