Banat Military Frontier

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Banatian Military Frontier
Banater Militärgrenze
Banatska vojna granica
Банатска војна граница
Banatska vojna krajina
Банатска војна крајина
Granița militară bănățeană
district of the Military Frontier, Habsburg Monarchy
18th century–1873
Location of Banatian Military Frontier
map of Banatian military frontier (Banat Krajina) in 1849
 -  Established 18th century
 -  Disestablished 1873
Today part of Serbia, Romania
Sections of Banatian military frontier (Banat Krajina), 18th-19th century

The Banatian Military Frontier or Banat Krajina was a district of the Habsburg Monarchy's Military Frontier located in the Banat region. Today, territory of former Banatian Military Frontier is split between Serbia and Romania.


The Banat Krajina was divided into Serb (Illyrian), German (Volksdeutsche or Danube Swabians or Shwoveh) and Romanian (Vlach) sections. In 1849, this part of the Military Frontier bordered the Principality of Serbia to the south, Voivodship of Serbia and Tamiš Banat to the north, Transylvania and Wallachia to the east, and the Slavonian Military Frontier to the west. The Banat Krajina also included the south-eastern part of Bačka region, known as Šajkaška.


The military province of Habsburg Empire known as the Banat of Temeswar was created in 1718. In 1751, Maria Theresa introduced a civil administration for the northern part of the province. The southern part remained under military administration and was organized as the Banatian Military Frontier or Banat Krajina. It remained a part of the Habsburg Military Frontier until it was abolished in 1871.


Some of the important cities and places in Banat Krajina were: Pančevo, Bela Crkva, Titel, Žabalj, Alibunar, Kovin, Caransebeş, etc.

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