Banatska Palanka

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Banatska Palanka
Банатска Паланка
Banatska Palanka is located in Serbia
Banatska Palanka
Banatska Palanka
Location of Banatska Palanka within Serbia
Banatska Palanka is located in Vojvodina
Banatska Palanka
Banatska Palanka
Location of Banatska Palanka within Vojvodina
Coordinates: 44°50′42″N 21°19′53″E / 44.84500°N 21.33139°E / 44.84500; 21.33139Coordinates: 44°50′42″N 21°19′53″E / 44.84500°N 21.33139°E / 44.84500; 21.33139
Country  Serbia
Province  Vojvodina
District South Banat
Elevation 64 m (210 ft)
Population (2002)
 • Banatska Palanka 837
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Postal code 26324
Area code(s) +381(0)13
Car plates

Banatska Palanka (Serbian Cyrillic: Банатска Паланка) is a village in Serbia. It is situated in the Bela Crkva municipality, South Banat District, Vojvodina province. The population of the village numbering 837 people (2002 census), of whom 752 (89.84%) are ethnic Serbs.


In Serbian the village is known as Banatska Palanka (pronounced [bǎnaːtskaː pǎlaːŋka]; Банатска Паланка); in German as Palank or Neu-Palanka; in Hungarian as Palánk; and in Turkish as Haram.


Banatska Palanka is located in south-eastern part of the Serbian Banat, near the border with Romania. There are in fact two settlements in this area - Banatska Palanka and Stara Palanka. The second one is not officially regarded as a separate settlement, but as part of Banatska Palanka.


Banatska Palanka is an old settlement, existing at this spot since the 17th century, although the oldest settlement was on the place of today's Stara Palanka (Old Palanka) which is located at the mouth of river Nera into Danube.

At the beginning of the 19th century Banatska Palanka was an important Danube port. The settlement has a continuous decrease of population. Today Banatska Palanka together with Stara Palanka counts 837 inhabitants.

Historical population[edit]

  • 1961: 1,245
  • 1971: 1,166
  • 1981: 1,095
  • 1991: 974
  • 2002: 837

Economy and features[edit]

Economy of Banatska Palanka is mostly orientated on agriculture, although its inhabitants have other economical activities too. Stara Palanka is entirely designated for social recreation centre (including hotels, resorts, restaurants, sport playgrounds, objects and spaces for musical and drama performances, as well as the construction of new flates and houses for vacation).

Banatska Palanka is a crossroad between the traffic directions Bela Crkva-Kovin and Stara Palanka-Ram. It also possess a ferry-boat, which is the shortest way of traveling from this part of Vojvodina to Požarevac and Central Serbia.


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