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Banchette Sanctuary[1] is an Italian Marian Sanctuary situated in Bioglio, near the city of Biella. Together with four other sanctuaries, it is part of the minor group of sanctuaries of the area along the pilgrimage hiking path called "Le Valli della Fede" (the valleys of faith).

Banchette is located on a hill 675 metres (2,215 ft) high and is managed by Barnabites from Genova. There is also a building from the early 1700s which is used as a holiday home for pilgrims.

According to legend, the sanctuary was erected by Fathers Barnabiti over the remains of an old church that was used as lazaretto in 1630 during an outbreak of plague, as a sign of reparation for the sacrilegious act.

In the same place in the sixteenth century, there was a pillar dedicated to Our Lady. A man threw stones at the pillar, damaging the head of the Virgin (called here, in Piedmontese, "La Madona dal bul").

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Coordinates: 45°37′17.93″N 8°6′52.23″E / 45.6216472°N 8.1145083°E / 45.6216472; 8.1145083