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Banda Arc tectonic map

The Banda Arc is a double island arc formed by the collision of the Indo-Australian plate with the Eurasian plate. Principal islands include Timor, Flores, and Seram.

The Inner Banda Arc consists of a string of recent and active volcanic islands from Komodo to Kekeh-besar of the Barat Daya Islands, including Flores, Solor, Alor, Wetar, and Damar.

The Outer Banda Arc is older and non-volcanic. It overlies the margin of the Pre-Cambrian craton that makes up much of the continent of Australia. It stretches from Savu through Rote, Timor, Leti, Babar, Tanimbar, and the Kai Islands, before turning west to Seram, Ambon, and Buru. The outer arc is geologically associated with the Australian continent, though it is a more recent accretion than the neighbouring Aru Islands.

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Coordinates: 8°58′58″S 125°19′16″E / 8.9827°S 125.3210°E / -8.9827; 125.3210