Bandel railway station

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Bandel Station
Bandel Junction
Indian Railway Station
Junction Station
Bandel Station
Station statistics
Address Bandel Station Road, , Hooghly, West Bengal
Coordinates 22°55′N 88°22′E / 22.917°N 88.367°E / 22.917; 88.367
Elevation 14m
Structure type Standard
Platforms 7
Baggage check Not Available
Other information
Station code BDC
Zone(s) Eastern Railway
Division(s) Howrah
Station status Functioning

Bandel station is a major junction stations of the Kolkata suburban railway network. It is situated on the Howrah-Bandel-Barddhaman Main Line with an approximate 40 km distance from Howrah Station. The B.B Loop line connects Azimgunge and Katwa to Bandel and hence forth to Howrah and Sealdah. Bandel is connected to Sealdah and Kolkata station via Naihati Junction.


The East India the first ever train ran from Howrah to Hooghly in 15 August 1857 and Bandel station was started after 1857. Bandel station is situated on the west bank of the river Hooghly and it was directly connected to Howrah station. On 21 February 1887 the Jubilee Bridge was constructed over the river Hooghly and thus Bandel and Sealdah was linked together. In 1950s EMU(Electric Multiple Unit) trains started running in between Howrah and Bandel.


Bandel is being functions as a major junction station of Howrah-Bandel-Barddhaman Main Line, Sealdah Main Line and Bandel-Katwa B.B Loop Line. Local and express trains run in these lines. EMU Local trains run from Bandel to Howrah, Naihati, Barddhaman, Katwa, Bally, Memari. The trains run between Bandel and Howrah are known as the Bandel locals. More than 72 pairs of Bandel locals run between Bandel and Howrah daily. Other EMU local trains serve this station are Barddhaman locals, Katwa locals, Memari locals, Pandoah locals, Naihati-Bandel locals, Sealdah-Katwa and Sealdah-Barddhman locals along with a number of other passenger and express trains. Earlier at Bandel there was a steam loco shed but now it is being used as a goods yard. An EMU car shed is also there near by Bandel Station.

Major Express Trains with Stoppage at Bandel[1][edit]

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