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Bandini Promo.jpg
Intertitle of Bandini
Genre Drama
Created by Balaji Telefilms
Written by Story & Screenplay
R M Joshi, Binita Desai, Swati Pande, Mahesh Pandey, Vipul Mehta, Anand Vardhan & Manish Paliwal
Dilip Rawal, Hussaini Dawawala, Vinod Sharma & Rekha Modi
Directed by Santram Verma, Kaushik Ghatak, Partho Mitra, Ravindra Gautam, Vikrant Parmar, Santosh Kohle, Praveen Suden, Suraj Rao, Hemant Prabhu, Qaeed Kuwajerwala, Fahad Kashmiri, Ashish Shrivastav, Maqbool Khan & Deepak Chavan
Creative director(s) Sandip Sikcand
Starring See below
Opening theme "Bandini" by Richa Tripathi
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of episodes 520
Producer(s) Ekta Kapoor & Shobha Kapoor
Editor(s) Mohd Salim, Nishit Shah, Vikas Sharma, Khursheed Rizvi, Prem Raaj & Rajeev Yadav
Cinematography Mahesh Talkad & Sanjay Malwankar
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 20 minutes
Production company(s) Balaji Telefilms
Original channel Imagine TV
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
Original run 19 January 2009 – 29 January 2011

Bandini (English: Female) was an Indian soap opera produced by Ekta Kapoor of Balaji Telefilms. The show aired Monday to Friday evenings. It starred Ronit Roy and Aasiya Kazi and was set against the backdrop of Gujarat in Dharampur a village near Surat in Gujarat. The show premiered on 19 January 2009 on NDTV Imagine.[1] [2] [3]

Plot summary[edit]

Santu Waghela (Aasiya Kazi) is a poor village girl, who lives in the village of Dharampur with her two sisters, Khemi (Leena Jumani) and Mongi(Akshita Rajput). The sisters stay with their maternal grandfather, Madhav Solanki, an experienced diamond cutter. And there is this beautiful queen called Mohsina and she lived in a big big big house in America. She came into the tragic life of this poor girls and fixed everything. She is the best person in the entire world. God bless her soul. MASHALLAH!

Middle-aged diamond merchant Dharamraj Mahiyavanshi (Ronit Roy) is the most powerful man in Dharampur. Dharamraj is facing problems at his diamond factory. In order to make sure that Madhav Solanki, his best worker, does not leave his employment, Dharamraj offers to arrange and sponsor Khemi's marriage to a worker named Mahesh. However, since Khemi's horoscope shows some inauspicious stars, unfavourable to marriage, it is decided that Mahesh will get married to Santu. Hours before the wedding, Mahesh is bribed by Dharamraj's rivals and flees Dharampur. The villagers protest. To calm them, Dharamraj, a widower, comes forward to marry Santu. The spiritual advisor to Dharamraj studies Santu's horoscope and predicts that her auspicious presence will solve all the problems affecting the Mahiyavanshis.

Dharamraj is still in love with his dead wife Subhadra, who has left him with 5 children: Hiten (Mrunal Jain), Kadambari (Prerna Wanvari), Maulik (Shardul Pandit), Birwa (Kimberly Jain) and Suraj. For Dharamraj, the decision to marry Santu is purely a business calculation. Once home, he ignores his wife Santu, and she is constantly abused by his older sister, Tarulata (Taru) Mahiyavanshi (Rasika Joshi). After a long time, however, Dharamraj and all his family members, except Taru and Maulik, accept Santu as a member of the Mahiyavanshi family. It is then revealed that Maulik is actually Taru's son, the result of her secret marriage to village outlaw Kanji Waghela.

Khemi and Hiten fall in love but are unable to get married to each other. Kadambari gets married to Shashank. Hiten eventually marries Toral and lives happily with her. Khemi gets married to Arjan, who is later discovered to be Dharamraj's long-lost son. Khemi and Arjan come to stay with the Mahiyavanshis . Arjan discovers Khemi's past relationship with Hiten. Furious, Arjan wants to kill Hiten but instead assaults Dharamraj. Birwa, trying to save her father, accidentally kills Arjan. To save Birwa, Santu takes the blame for the murder and goes to jail.

After 10 years Santu returns from prison. The Mahiyavanshis don't want her. Everyone in the Mahiyavanshi house is pretending to live happily. But Santu forces her way into the house, takes charge and starts many quarrels among family members. This brings many hidden problems to light. Dharamraj has shut himself away in a room and stopped mixing with people. Hiten is in charge of the business and household. Santu discovers that Toral, who has suffered many miscarriages, is being given drugs to induce abortion. Santu catches the culprit: Khemi. But Khemi repents and Toral forgives her. Later, Toral gives birth to healthy twin babies. Kadambari has separated from Shashank and married her ex-boyfriend, who is a crook, though she doesn't realize it. Shashank and Kadambari's daughter Nandini is torn between her parents. Maulik is involved in many crimes. Sarang, who is Birwa's fiance, seduces Mongi. In order to save Mongi from his clutches, Birwa marries Sarang. A doctor named Megha saves Nandini from certain death. Megha has a son, Vishal, and she claims that Dharamraj is the father of this boy. To everyone's surprise, medical tests prove that Vishal is actually Dharamraj's son. However, Dharamraj denies having an affair with Megha. Then Santu discovers that Vishal is her own son, who was born in prison and declared dead. Megha had stolen Vishal from the jail hospital. Vishal comes to stay with Dharamraj and Santu, but Megha kidnaps him again. Maulik, who had become involved in a child-kidnapping racket, is shot dead by his own mother, Tarulata. Mongi kills Sarang when she discovers how evil he is. Kadambari discovers that her second husband is a crook. She leaves him and reconciles with her first husband Shashank.

After 16 years, Dharamraj's grandchildren have grown up. Tarulata has finally accepted Santu. Kadambari and Shashank are not on good terms with the Mahiyavanshi family owing to business-related conflicts. Kadambari and Shashank have two sons Parth and Danish who want to take over the Mahiyavanshi business . Santu is still waiting for her son Vishal to come home. After an extensive search, Vishal is found. He seems to be a good person, but this is just a mask. Megha has poisoned his mind against the Mahiyavanshis. He wants to separate Dharamraj and Santu. Dharamraj and Hiten, on finding out the truth, chase Vishal out of the house. Santu is shocked and becomes ill. Dharamraj is forced to take Santu to Vishal's house. But Hiten and Kadambari team up with Triveni, a documentary film maker, to unmask Vishal in front of Santu. They show Santu some film clips that expose Vishal's true colours. Disillusioned, Santu comes back to the Mahiyavanshi house. Then Megha reappears and uses Vishal to get back at the Mahiyavanshi family. Vishal drugs Triveni and takes advantage of her. She gets pregnant. Santu and Dharamraj ask Vishal to marry Triveni. In return, he asks Dharamraj and Santu to leave the house. They go and live in Mumbai, where Dharamraj starts a new diamond business. After some time, they return to Dharampur. Meanwhile, Vishal has changed for the better. He realizes that Megha has used him as a pawn. He apologizes to Triveni and his parents. Santu and Dharamraj forgive Vishal when they see that his regret is genuine. Santu finds out that she is pregnant once again. The whole Mahiyavanshi family is happy together.


  • Mohit Raina ... Rishabh Hiten Mahiyavanshi
  • Yash Choudhary ... Nakul Hiten Mahiyavanshi
  • Ashish Kapoor ... Vikram Suraj Mahiyavanshi
  • Megha Israni... Nandini Shashank Mehta
  • Mickie Dudaaney... Danish Shashank Mehta
  • Rithvik Dhanjani ... Parth Shashank Mehta
  • Jia Mustafa ... Triveni Vishal Mahiyavanshi
  • Dharmesh Vyas ... Virat Sanghavi
  • Maya Alagh ... Surekha Virat Sanghavi
  • Gaurav Nanda ... Tehsildar


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