Bang Gang

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Bang Gang
Origin Reykjavík, Iceland
Genres Trip hop, Indie pop, Electronic, Downtempo, Shoegaze
Years active 1996–present
Labels Sproti
Bang ehf
Cod Music
From Nowhere Records
Associated acts Lady and Bird
Singapore Sling
Members Barði Jóhannsson
Past members Henrik Baldvin Björnsson
Esther Talia Casey
Notable instruments

Bang Gang is a melodic pop band from Iceland founded by songwriter/producer Barði Jóhannsson (see also Lady & Bird). The band was formed in 1996, in Barði’s hometown of Reykjavík. Bang Gang were initially a surf band but Barði quickly steered the project in a more melodic pop direction.

While Barði has worked with a number of vocalists and musicians, he remains the only constant member. The band's second album Something Wrong followed in 2003 and their acclaimed Ghosts From The Past was released on Discograph in 2008.

The band is recognized for its blend of songwriting, electronica and glacial atmospheres. The band has toured the world playing festivals like Iceland Airwaves, Cannes Film festival, Novosonic, For Noise, Montreaux Jazz Festival, CMJ and SXSW and a number of independent shows at venues such as Salle Pleyel, Gramercy theater, Getty Center and more across Europe and North America.


You (1998)[edit]

When Henrik Baldvin Björnsson left Bang Gang, Barði and Esther Talia Casey continued working together under the Bang Gang name. Their first song was used on the soundtrack of Icelandic movie Blossi 810551. Their second, "Sleep", was recorded for a compilation released by Sproti Records and was used for a Citroen campaign.

The single "Sleep" was released in 1998 and featured a video by director Ragnar Bragason.

Their first album, You, was released in Iceland in 1998 to almost unanimous praise.[citation needed] The band signed a deal with East-West France, who released You in 2000. The French version featured remixes by French musician Kid Loco.

Bang Gang’s second single Sacred Things became a hit in Iceland and Europe.[citation needed]

Something Wrong (2003)[edit]

Something Wrong was the follow up to 2000’s You. The album was released in 2003 as a follow up on 2002’s untitled EP. It features Bang Gang's distinctive mix of atmospheric songwriting and haunting electronica and features vocal performances from Nicolette, Phoebe Tolmer, Esther, GusGus vocalist Daniel Agust Haraldsson and long-term collaborator Keren Ann.

Various songs from Something Wrong were used for TV, film and other media. For example the song "Follow" was used in Fox TV show The O.C.; "Inside" was used for an Emporio Armani advertisement and was featured in the movie Cashback and the trailer for the film Triage; and "Find What You Get" has been used in commercials for the car Lancia Musa.

Ghosts from the Past (2008)[edit]

Ghosts from the Past was Bang Gang’s third album. The album features vocalists and co-writers Keren Ann and Anthony Gonzales (M83). The album features pop rock singles "I Know You Sleep", "Don't Feel Ashamed" and included an opera singer on the title track. The song "Lost in Wonderland" was used for the Oscar season trailer at Sky Movies.



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