Bangala Dam

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Bangala Dam
Official name Bangala Dam
Location Triangle, Zimbabwe
Coordinates 20°41′41″S 31°13′58″E / 20.6947°S 31.2327°E / -20.6947; 31.2327Coordinates: 20°41′41″S 31°13′58″E / 20.6947°S 31.2327°E / -20.6947; 31.2327
Construction began 1961-1963
Dam and spillways
Impounds Mutirikwe River
Spillway type Overflow crest
Total capacity 126.6 million cubic metres[1]
Catchment area 5830 km²
Surface area 1130 ha
Max. water depth 45 metres
Discharge capacity: 3510 m³/s
Max Water Depth: 45 metres

Bangala Dam lies in southeastern Zimbabwe, south of Masvingo. It was built to provide irrigation water to the farming estates on the lowveld to the southwest, around the town of Triangle, where the main crop has been sugar cane.[1]

The lake and environs are protected as Bangala Dam Recreational Park.


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