Bangalore City Police

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Bangalore City Police
Blurucitypolice emblem.gif
Emblem of Bangalore City Police
Name Bangalore City Police (BCP)
Area of Jurisdiction Bangalore City
City Bangalore, India
Commissioner Mr. Raghavendra H. Auradkar, I.P.S,

The Bangalore City Police (or BCP) is the premier enforcer of law and order in the city of Bangalore, India. The BCP works under the jurisdiction of the Karnataka State Police.

The Bangalore City Police consists of a network of foot patrols, mobile patrols, traffic patrols and armed striking force mobile units in the city. The jurisdiction of the Bangalore City Police is divided into seven zones — East, West, North, South, Central,South-East and North-East Each zone is further divided into three sub-divisions, each headed by an Assistant Commissioner of Police. Each sub-division consists of a number of police stations, which are headed by a Police inspector.

Other units within the BCP include Traffic Police, City Armed Reserve (CAR), Airport Security — responsible for the overall security of Bangalore's HAL Airport, City Special Branch (CSB), City Crime Branch (CCB) and City Crime Records Bureau (CCRB).

The Bangalore City Police's mobile patrol consists of more than 100 mobile vehicular patrols called Hoysala, named after the empire that ruled over most of the state of Karnataka in medieval India.

The Bangalore City Police is one of the few police departments in India along with the Pune Police and Kochi Police to use BlackBerrys.[1][2]


Bangalore City Police, established in 1963, was the first established police force in the state of Karnataka. The first BCP Police Commissioner was C. Chandy and was of the rank Deputy Inspector General of Police. Today, Bangalore City Police consists of 104 Law & Order police stations & 39 Traffic Police Stations, including two all-women police stations.

Police Eshwar[edit]

The Commissioner of Police is the chief of the Bangalore City Police. The Commissioner of Police is of the rank of Additional Director General of Police and is assisted by four Additional Commissioners of the police, three Joint Commissioner of Police and 18 Deputy Commissioners of Police. The current Police Commissioner of Bangalore is Raghavendra H. Auradkar, I.P.S,


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Sri Raghavendra H.Aruadkar, IPS, Commissioner of Police

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