Bangkok Planetarium

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Main building of the planetarium

The Bangkok Planetarium is the oldest planetarium in Thailand. It is located on Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok as part of the Science Centre for Education, which is operated by the Department of Non-Formal Education of the Ministry of Education.

Construction of the planetarium began in 1962 with a budget of twelve million baht and it opened on 18 August 1964. The planetarium dome is 20.60 metres in diameter and 13 metres high, and holds 450 seats. The planetarium uses a Mark IV Zeiss projector, which was the first installation of a large planetarium projector in Southeast Asia. Apart from the theatre itself, the building also features permanent exhibitions on astronomy, aimed at young audiences.

Admission is 20 baht for children and 30 baht for adults.

Coordinates: 13°43′10″N 100°34′58″E / 13.71944°N 100.58278°E / 13.71944; 100.58278


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