Bangladesh Amateur Radio League

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Bangladesh Amateur Radio League
BARL logo.png
Abbreviation BARL
Formation May 20, 1979[1]
Type Non-profit organization
Purpose/focus Advocacy, Education
Location Dhaka, Bangladesh
Region served Bangladesh
Official languages English
Vice President and Acting President Anwar Islam S21L
Affiliations International Amateur Radio Union

The Bangladesh Amateur Radio League (BARL) is a national non-profit organization for amateur radio enthusiasts in Bangladesh. BARL is the national member society representing Bangladesh in the International Amateur Radio Union, which it joined in 1982.[2]


Amateur radio activities in East Pakistan were suspended during the war with India in 1965, and the ban on amateur radio activities remained in effect after Bangladesh achieved independence from Pakistan in 1971. The Bangladesh Amateur Radio League was founded on May 20, 1979 by radio enthusiasts and immediately began lobbying the government for approval of amateur radio operation in the country. Efforts to legalize amateur radio in Bangladesh would not succeed until 1991, when a new democratically elected government faced a telecommunications emergency during a major cyclone. Persuaded of the value amateur radio could offer Bangladesh society, amateur radio was legalized in the country, with many restrictions, on August 29, 1991.[3] Amateur radio license examinations and license grants were suspended by the government in 2004. Representatives of the Bangladesh Amateur Radio League lobbied the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission to reinstate the examinations and licensing process, which was resumed on August 13, 2008.[4]


The 2008 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Bangladesh Amateur Radio League took place on November 28, 2008 at a renowned five star hotel in Tejgaon Thana. Almost all of the members were present at the meeting, which concluded with elections of a new executive committee for 2009 and 2010. Anwar Islam (S21L) was elected President, Saiful Huda (S21SH) and Dr. Zahidul Haque (S21VA) were elected Vice Presidents, Belayet Hossain Robin (S21RB) was elected General-Secretary, Rubyat Hasan Khan Ratul (S21RA) was elected Assistant Secretary, and Liaquat Ali Mollah (S21V) was elected Treasurer. Members at Large include Sumon Ahmed Sabir (S21SD), Mohammad Alam (S21AK), and Tanvir Ahmed (S21TA).

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