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Bangladesh Caterers Association UK (BCA) is the umbrella organization of approximately 12,000 British Bangladeshi restaurateurs living in the UK. It was established in 1960 to represent the Catering Industry run by the ethnic Bangladeshis. At present, the industry employs more than 90,000 people, mostly Bangladeshi origin, with an estimated yearly turnover of £3.5 billion. BCA organises various activities to promote Bangladeshi cuisine in Great Britain as well as in Europe.

It has asked for positions as ethnic restaurant staff to be designated as a shortage occupation which would make it easier for Bangladeshi citizens to obtain United Kingdom work permits.[1]

Over the years BCA has established itself as the ‘Pride of Bangladeshi Community’ through its relentless efforts in the interest of our community. With the passage of time, BCA is now generating huge business potentials for any suppliers, be it a small cash & Carry or a giant business industry like Cobra or Coca Cola.

BCA is a democratically run organization and every two-year interval, a new executive committee takes over. The present NEC was elected to office in December 2006. Mr Bajloor Rashid is the current President of BCA while Mr Pasha Khandaker acts as the present Secretary General.

NEC is the highest forum of BCA and three key personnel, viz, President, Secretary General and the Chief Treasurer, run the day-to-day activities and all their activities are scrutinised and passed in the following NEC meeting


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