Bangladesh International School and College

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Bangladesh International School and College
Type International
Motto Rabbi Zidni Ilma
Established March 1995

Bangladesh International School and College (BISC), formerly Bangladesh International School (BIS), is a private school located in New DOHS, Mohakhali, Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is managed by the Bangladesh Army Station Headquarters, Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka. The school was established in 1995 to provide affordable and quality educational services in English. It targets pupils from Bangladesh armed forces, Bangladeshi civilians and foreign communities in Dhaka city, especially those living in the New DOHS, Dhaka Cantonment area and its periphery. However, a substantial proportion of its students are from civilian backgrounds.The present Principal of BIS is Col.Md.Anisur Rahman psc(retd).


The school was established in 14 March 1995 as the Bangladesh International School.[citation needed] On 17 September 2011 the college was opened and the name was changed to the current name.[citation needed]


The school is under the authority of the Governing Body, headed by the station commander,Brig. Gen. Tushar Kanti Chakma, of the Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka. The Body is composed of prominent local citizens, guardian representatives, and the Principal. However, the Body itself is not democratically elected, but established by the Army Headquarters. The Body holds meetings to discuss the future of the school, and inspections to the school are made. During school hours, a member visits the school regularly.

The school employs nearly 100 teachers and around 50 staffs.

Academic year and curriculum[edit]

The academic year starts from January and ends at December. Each year is divided into 2 terms, exams being held for all classes at the end of each term. In each term, the students sit for 2 class tests for 25 marks. The two class tests marks are averaged and added to the term exam which is of 100 marks but converted into 75. Students move to a higher class if they pass the exams. All students from KG to Class 5 follow the same curriculum. After passing Class 4, they are offered a choice to follow either the International or National curriculum.

International curriculum[edit]

Students in this curriculum are prepared for GCSE and A Level exams. Subjects taught include Bengali, English, Mathematics B, Further Pure Mathematics, ICT, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accounting, Economics and Commerce. Students select at least six subjects including the compulsory English, Bengali and Mathematics B, and are allowed to sit for their O Levels after completing Class 9, but most prefer sitting for the exams after completing Class 10.

The school started A Levels courses in October 2010.

National curriculum[edit]

The school started the national curriculum in 2006. In this curriculum the students are prepared for giving the Secondary School Certificate(S.S.C) examinations. The students of Class 5 and 8 give "somaponi porikha". The students follow the textbooks, translated in English, of and published by National Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Bangladesh. The first S.S.C batch of BIS passed their examinations in 2008.After the S.S.C exam of 2010,BIS was ranked in the top 20 schools of Bangladesh.The first H.S.C national curriculum batch of BIS Started in 2011 with 15 students.The Batch was inaugurated on the 17th of September 2011 and the school was renamed Bangladesh International School And College.


In March 2008 the school established four houses, each of which are named after historic Bengali figures and are assigned different colors to represent them. The students are required to wear colored shoulder badges to identify themselves according to their houses. The houses have their own prefects, and are planned to have permanent sports teams, which would then participate in inter-house sports competitions[citation needed]. The houses are:

  • Dr.Muhammed Shahidullah House(Red)
  • Dr.Md.Kudrat-e-Khuda House(Orange)
  • Birshreshto Motiur Rahman House(Blue)
  • Birshreshto Mohiuddin Jahangir House(Green)

Library and laboratory[edit]

Physics, Chemistry and Biology demonstrations are given in the laboratory in the newly formed college multiplex.

There is also a computer room for the students.


The school compound contains a large field beside the building. A section of it is paved with concrete, allowing for basketball. The rest of the field is grassy, muddy, allowing space for football, volleyball and badminton to be played. The field is surrounded by foliage, mainly palm, mahogany, and mango trees.

Canteen and bookstore[edit]

This school contains a canteen and bookstore.Foods are sold to students, teachers and staff in an affordable price. Textbooks for all the classes are sold as well.

School magazine[edit]

An annual magazine named "Precursor" is published by the School and copies of it are given to every student. It includes group photos of students, articles, poetry, drawings and other works submitted by students, teachers and staff, and reports and pictures of school events in the year of publication.

Extra curricular activities[edit]

Students at BIS are encouraged to participate in various extra curricular activities. Every year the following competitions are held at the school:

  • English poetry competition
  • Bangla poetry competition
  • Debate competition
  • Impromptu speech competition
  • Qirat competition
  • Music competition

Sports competitions are also held every year. Awards for all the competitions are given on an annual Proclamation Day.

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