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Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited (BTCL)
Type State Owned
Industry Telecommunications
Founded July, 01 2008
Headquarters 37/E, Eskaton Garden, Telejogajog Bhaban,
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Products Telephone, Fixed Lines, Internet

BTCL or Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited, formerly BTTB, began operations on July 1, 2008.[1] The Bangladesh government initially owns all shares of BTCL but it would offload shares in the next one year for public. The value of BTCL is estimated to be at Tk 15,000 crore. BTCL has a total of 12,636 officials and staffs.

BTCL provides land-line telephone services in the urban areas, domestic long-distance calling and international services. In 2004, Bangladesh Government issued a number of PSTN licenses but they were barred from providing services in the lucrative Dhaka market (which account for majority of the nationwide market). This monopoly of BTCL was broken when 6 other operators started to receive their licenses from 2007. These 6 operators include PeoplesTel, RanksTel, National Telecom Limited, WorldTel, Dhaka Phone and Telebarta.

BTCL provides dial-up Internet access in all 64 districts of the country, making it the most-accessible Internet service provider in the country. As of January 2009 its total dial-up subscriber is 32,433.[citation needed] Since the beginning of 2007 BTCL have improved its Dial-up Internet service for better customer satisfaction. It also handles the .bd domain.[citation needed]

As of May 2008, the total number of subscribers of BTTB was 0.87 million.[2]

The BTCL also has plans to offer a wide range of broadband internet services soon.[citation needed]

Internet services[edit]

Recently[when?] BTCL has also started providing consumer-level broadband Internet services under the branding of BCUBE. The service is provided through ADSL2+ technology.

BTCL has outsourced its BCUBE sales and customer support to EMEM Systems Ltd, System & Services Ltd (SSL) and Sisview Technologies Ltd. Till now btcl have got about 15,ooo customers. BTCL's monthly income about Tk19,000,000 per month from this service.

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