Bangladesh national basketball team

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Bangladesh Basketball Federation.png
FIBA ranking T-85th
Joined FIBA 1978
FIBA zone FIBA Asia
National federation Bangladesh Basketball Federation
Coach Wasif Ali
Olympic Games
Appearances None
Medals None
FIBA World Cup
Appearances None
Medals None
Asian Championship
Appearances 4
Medals None
South Asian Games
Medals Bronze medal with cup.svg Bronze: 2010

The Bangladesh national basketball team is the national basketball team representing Bangladesh. It is administrated by the Bangladesh Amateur Basketball Federation. The team's top achievement to date was the bronze medal at the 2010 South Asian Games.

Olympic Games and World Championship record[edit]

Bangladesh has never qualified for Basketball at the Summer Olympics or the FIBA World Championship.

Asian Championship record[edit]

Bangladesh won their 1st international Championship in 2013, winning the FIBA Asia SABA Championship.

Bangladesh has yet to prove it can compete against Asia's basketball elite. The team still waits for its first victory at the FIBA Asia Championship. Its best finish was 13th in 1979.


The current team roaster for 2015 Bangladesh National Basketball League °Rafiq Ahmed (PG) - Bangladesh Air force °Kadam Mubasshir (G)- Bangladesh Army °Muktadir-Al- Rony (F) - Bangladesh Army °Ahnaf Shakib Ahmed (F)- Bangladesh Army °Rajin khan (F) - Dhaka Division °Kingshuk Rahman (F) - Dhaka Division °Arefin Haque Jimmy(F) - Shylet Division °Riches Chakma (C)- Chittagong Division °Anik Khan (PG) - Dhaka Division °Md. Abu Bokar Siddique(C) - Rajshahi Division °Abdullah Mahfuz (F) - Bangladesh Navy °Nitesh Haldar (F) - Shylet Division °Minaur Rahman (C) - Khulna Division

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