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Steeple of bell tower at Banitsa

Banitsa (Greek: Καρυαί - Karié, Bulgarian/Macedonian:[1] Баница, Banitsa or Banica) is a deserted former village in Serres regional unit, northern Greece. Its ruins are situated some 15 km north-east of the town of Serres, near the present-day village of Oreini, on the southern slopes of the Vrontous mountains. During the Ottoman period it had a Bulgarian population.[2][3][4][5] The village was destroyed by the Greek Army during the Second Balkan War, and the population migrated to Bulgaria.[6]

Banitsa was the site of the death of the revolutionary Gotse Delchev, who was killed in a skirmish with Ottoman police forces on 4th May 1903.[7]


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Coordinates: 41°12′N 23°37′E / 41.200°N 23.617°E / 41.200; 23.617