Banja Monastery

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Banja Monastery
Манастир Бања
Црква Св. Николе Дабарског, Манастир Бања-Прибој.jpg
Banja Monastery
Banja Monastery is located in Serbia
Banja Monastery
Location within Serbia
Monastery information
Order Orthodox Christianity
Established unknown, before the 12th century
Controlled churches Church of St. Nicholas, of St. Elijah and the Church of Assumption of the Holy Virgin
Founder(s) Stefan Dečanski
Heritage designation Cultural Monument of Exceptional Importance
Designated date 1979
Location Banja, Priboj, Serbia
Coordinates 43°32′51″N 19°33′37″E / 43.547625°N 19.560202°E / 43.547625; 19.560202
Public access yes

Banja Monastery (Serbian Cyrillic: Манастир Бања) is a Serbian Orthodox Monastery located near Priboj, Serbia. Monastery Banja presents Cultural Monument of Exceptional Importance in Serbia.[1]


Time of founding of the monastery is unknown, but the first historical sources (Studenica Typicon) mention it in the 12th century.[1] In 1220 Banja became center of Dabar Episcopasy.[2] There are three churches within the monastery, the Church of St. Nicholas, of St. Eliah and the Church of Ascension of the Holy Virgin. St. Nicholas Church, the main monastery church, was founded by King Stefan of Dečani (1322-1331) in 1329. The original church was burned during the Ottoman invasion.[3][4] The church was restored in 1570 and gained its present look in 1904 when the last restoration took place. The monastery was not only center of the episcopate but the mausoleum of Vojnović family, one of the greatest families of that time.

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