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PT Bank Himpunan Saudara 1906 TBK
Public (IDXSDRA)
Industry Financial Services
Founder Himpoenan Soedara (1906)
Headquarters Bandung, Indonesia
Key people
Farid Rahman, S.E., MBA
Yanto M. Purbo, MBA
Revenue Increase Rp 852.72 billion (2012)
Increase Rp 118.84 billion (2012)

PT Bank Himpunan Saudara 1906 Tbk. is an Indonesia-based financial institution. Bank Saudara was founded in 1906 by ten merchants of Pasar Baru in Bandung, West Java. The Bank's products and services include savings and checking accounts, fixed deposits, credit loans and other banking services. As of January 31, 2014, the Bank is supported by 17 branch offices, 75 supporting branches, 16 cash offices, 47 automated teller machines (ATM) and 4 mobile offices.[1]

On 14 March 2012, Bank Saudara announced a plan to merge with Bank Woori Indonesia, Indonesian subsidiary of Woori Bank of South Korea.[2] PT Bank Himpunan Saudara 1906, Tbk (Bank Saudara) has obtained approval from Bank Indonesia (BI) via an approval letter on December 30, 2013 related to the purchase of 27% (twenty-seven percent) Bank Saudara’s shares by the Woori Bank of Korea and the remaining 6% (six percent) has been approved in advance on April 16, 2013. Earlier this year, Woori achieved one of its long-awaited overseas operation goals ― Indonesia’s central bank approved Woori’s acquisition of a 33-percent stake in Bank Saudara.

Board of Directors[edit]


Title Name
Komisaris Utama Farid Rahman, S.E., MBA
Komisaris Independen Maskan Iskandar, S.H
Komisaris Independen Ahmad Agus Setiadjaja, S.E., M.Si


Title Name
Direktur Utama Yanto M. Purbo, MBA
Direktur Bisnis Ir. Denny N. Mahmuradi
Direktur Kepatuhan dan SDM Ir. Arief Budiman
Direktur Operasi Hardono B. Prasetya, S.H.


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