Bank of America Building (Midland)

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Bank of America Building
Bank of America Building, Midland, Texas.jpg
Ground view of the Bank of America Building
Record height
Preceded by Wilco Building
Surpassed by Present
General information
Status Complete
Location 303 W. Wall St.
Coordinates 31°59′51″N 102°04′37″W / 31.997385°N 102.076929°W / 31.997385; -102.076929Coordinates: 31°59′51″N 102°04′37″W / 31.997385°N 102.076929°W / 31.997385; -102.076929
Construction started 1976
Completed 1978
Opening 1978
Owner John Morgan; HPG Acquisitions, LP
Roof 332 ft (101 m)
Technical details
Floor count 24
Floor area 329,178 sq ft (30,581.6 m2)
Other information
Parking Attached parking garage - 850 spaces

The Bank of America Building is a highrise located in downtown Midland, Texas. Built in 1978, at 24 stories and 332 feet (101 m), it is the tallest building in the city. The building is located at 303 W. Wall St. and houses various oil and gas companies as well as Bank of America, Midland.