Bankhead–Jones Act of 1935

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Bankhead-Jones Act of 1935
Great Seal of the United States
Other short titles Agricultural Research Act
Long title An Act to provide for research into basic laws and principles relating to agriculture and to provide for the further development of cooperative agricultural extension work and the more complete endowment and support of land-grant colleges.
Enacted by the 74th United States Congress
Public Law 74-182
Statutes at Large 49 Stat. 436
Titles amended 7 U.S.C.: Agriculture
U.S.C. sections created 7 U.S.C. ch. 17 § 427
Legislative history

The Bankhead-Jones Act was enacted on June 29, 1935 during the Depression, to provide increased federal funding to land grant colleges. Under the law as was last increased in 1972, $8,100,000 per year is divided equally between all states, and another $4,360,000 is divided between the states based upon each state's population.[1] These federal funds are subject to matching by the states.

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