List of banks in Belarus

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List of banks in Belarus

The National Bank of the Republic of Belarus is the central bank of Belarus

Name Website SWIFT-code
Belagroprombank [1] BAPBBY2X
BPS-Sberbank [2] BPSBBY2X
Belarusbank [3] AKBBBY2X
Belarusian bank of development and reconstruction (Belinvestbank) [4] BLBBBY2X
Priorbank [5] PJCBBY2X
Belvnesheconombank [6] BELBBY2X
Paritetbank [7] POISBY2X
Belarusky narodny bank [8] BLNBBY2X
Belarusian–Russian Belgazprombank [9] OLMPBY2X
Absolutbank [10] ABLTBY22
Bank of Reconversion and Development (RDB–Bank) [11] REDJBY22
Minsk Transit Bank [12] MTBKBY22
Trustbank [14] TRUEBY2X
VTB Bank [15] SLANBY22
Bank Moscow–Minsk [16] MMBNBY22
Delta Bank [17] ATOMBY2X
Home Credit Bank (HCBank) [18] LOJSBY22
BSB Bank [19] UNBSBY2X
Alfa-Bank [20] ALFA BY 2X
Idea Bank [21] SOMABY22
Eurobank (Belarus) [22] EUBK BY 2X
Fransabank Open Joint Stock Company [23] GTBN BY 22
InterPayBank [24] IPBKBY2X
Eurotorginvestbank [25] IRJSBY22
BTA Bank [26] AEBK BY 2X
Belarusian Bank for Small Business [27] BBSB BY 2X
Trade Capital Bank [28] BBTK BY 2X
Zepter Bank [29] ZEPTBY2X
North European Bank [30] HNRBBY2X
Bank of Investment Technologies [31] BITMBY22

Complete list as of December 18, 2014.[1]