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For the island group in Vanuatu, see Banks Islands.

The Banks Group is a privately owned development company based in Durham, England, established in 1988.[1]

The Banks Mining division is active in open-cast mining. In 2012, Banks completed construction of Northumberlandia, a huge land sculpture in the shape of a reclining female figure near Cramlington, Northumberland. Banks Group and the Blagdon Estate jointly financed the £2.5m cost of the work, as planning gain for Banks' adjacent open-cast coal mine at Shotton, which was approved in 2007.[2] The mine was approved in 2007 despite 2,500 objections and previous refusal by Blyth Valley Council.[3]

Banks Group won a Marketplace Innovation Award from Business in the Community for its technologies to reduce noise from mining operations.[4]

Another division, Banks Renewables, instals wind turbines,[5] such as those at West Durham Wind Farm which was planned as the largest wind farm in North East England.

The other divisions are Banks Property and Banks Waste. The latter works on land reclamation, waste disposal and energy from waste.[6]


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